Alba: Not Everyone Will Be Taken Into The Future-España

Cuban Canvas - USA

Der Letzte Seiner Art - The Last Of His Kind- Germany

Drei Tage In Berlin - Three Days In Berlin - Germany

Eli - Ein Portrait - Eli - A Portrait - Germany

Für Ein Lächeln... - For A Smile... - Germany

Her Room - USA

Iku Manieva - México

Into My Life- USA

Kunst Und Überleben - The Art To Survive-Australia

Love The Most - Lo Que Más Amas - Finland

Mosul Grad - Iraq

My Theatre - Japón

Nieoczekiwane – Unexpected - Poland

Quartet For The End Of Time - USA

Sare Jahan Se Accha - India

The Colorado Street Bridge Project - China

The Traffic Separating Device - Sweden

Tränen Der Olive - Tears Of The Olive- Germany

We Have A Dream: Women's Hopes & Conflicts- Israel